Scramble helps students build something bigger than companies…

~ Lauren Landry, Associate Editor @Bostinno

Powerful, Proven, & Unforgettable.
Select your Scramble™ experience…

Each program offers a new way to activate and equip student founders and innovators.
We’ll help you design the perfect Scramble™ to supercharge your campus.

Your Scramble™ will impact 100’s of students, faculty, administrators, & donating alumni.

Scramble™ Retreat

1-Day Scramble™ Program

Cutting-edge venture launch experience with Scramble™ Showcase team demo.

(150 student max)

StartUp Scramble Series

Two 2-Day Scramble™ Programs

Dual-program package:
1) Activate new student ventures.
2) Accelerate existing student ventures.

(100 students/program)

Scramble™ | X

2 or 3-Day Custom Program

Scramble™ any challenge area from legal issues & social injustice to “The future of…” anything.

(75 student max)


5-Week Scramble Immersion

World-class venture-building intensive for student founders. Complete with company visits, founder sessions, coaching, & Scramble™ challenges.

(50 student max)

Students & Campus Leaders Trust Us to Deliver

Gordon Jones

The promise of a Scramble is that you can coalesce community and drive innovative thinking. You’re going to get the benefit of a program that can bring the best out…from social innovation to the sciences, to consumer internet or products.

Gordon Jones Managing Director, Harvard innovation lab
Neil Shah

This is the kind of thing students remember for the rest of their lives. The program that Scramble™ has created is that perfect balance of intensity and fun.

Neil ShahFounder, Compass Partners
James (Georgetown University)

There are lots of innovation and startup events to choose from these days, but the Scramble experience is different—it pushed us to imagine further, work harder, and deliver more.

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Scrambling not only helped advance our company, but a few of the mentors at the event were so impressed by our approach and progress that they offered our team internships afterwards, without the need for any application or resume. It was incredible.

James (Georgetown University)Scramble Alumni / CEO, EncoreAerts
Stephanie (MIT)

My Scramble experience was special. As someone who studied engineering in undergrad and recent MBA grad at MIT, there is a huge emphasis on learning by doing.

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Scramble is a great example of how fundamental concepts of innovation and entrepreneurship can be reinforced even in a very short time frame.

Stephanie (MIT)Scramble alumna
Lauren (Princeton, UG / Harvard, MS ’13)

The intensity of the Scramble experience is special: Working with teams; learning to discover and capture each team members’ unique value; skill-building sessions;

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collaborating with people very different from you; getting stuff done under a major time crunch. The Scramble Leader played a bigger role than other programs and helped us come to terms with a major life lesson: Impermanence need not lead to fear of diving in and creating.

Lauren (Princeton, UG / Harvard, MS ’13)Scramble Alumna
Diego (American University)

Scramble was the best experience I could’ve had as a young innovator . It challenged me, my ideas, and prepared me with the tools to carry on and do extremely hard work for the upcoming months.

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The Scramble was my training-grounds. I met other student founders and challenged myself to rapidly learn new skills, apply them immediately, and become a more successful innovator.

Diego (American University)Scramble Alumnus / Founder, 2Gether International
Eileen (Northeastern University)

I wouldn’t be where I am today without it. Scramble gave me lifetime of mentors and friends. I experienced how to turn an idea into an actual project or business, how to work with people when facing challenges and conflicts, then working together to find solutions.

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Whenever my team failed, we stood right back up with new solutions without giving up until the end of the program. On my way home after the program, I almost felt like I was retiring from a work that I spent years and years. Now I get to share my Scramble experience with international students to help motivate them and build confidence. I’ve been working at a company, with my friend, mentor, and boss, Greg Skloot (Scramble alumnus ’12).

Eileen (Northeastern University)Scramble Alumna / Marketing Associate,
Andrey (Harvard)

I’ve attended 4 Scrambles, probably the most of anyone. They are an amazing learning opportunity and way to create meaningful lasting friendships across the campus startup and innovation ecosystem.

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We actually prototyped real products and deliverables and it was indescribably gratifying. Perhaps Scramble will turn out to be that butterfly that having once flapped its wings, makes it rain for me for the rest of my life.

Andrey (Harvard)4x Scramble Alumnus - Harvard Ph. D ’14